Take our Air Quality Test

Do you, or anyone in your family, suffer from any of the following?:

1. Allergies? yes | no
2. Asthma? yes | no
3. Headaches? yes | no
4. Sore eyes? yes | no
5. Sore throat? yes | no
6. Flu-like symptoms when indoors? yes | no
7. Constant fatique when indoors? yes | no

Does your home seem to have these problems?:

8. Dust balls? yes | no
9. Excess dirt? yes | no
10. Fur balls? yes | no
11. Dust? yes | no
12. Cold/hot spots? yes | no
13. Discolouration of carpets, drapes or
yes | no

Has your home had any of these improvements done?:

14. New home construction? yes | no
15. Renovations? yes | no
16. Drywall or painting? yes | no
17. New carpet or flooring? yes | no
18. Does/did your home have mice or
rodent problems?
yes | no
19. Is your home close to a busy road, freeway,
farmers field or industrial park?
yes | no
20. Do you, or the previous owners of
your home, smoke?
yes | no
21. Do you, or the previous owners of
your home, have pets?
yes | no
22. Would you like to improve the air quality
in your home?
yes | no
23. Do like to save money, but still believe in a
quality service to protect your family and home?
yes | no




Clean Air Today,
For a Healthier Tomorrow